Monday, May 31, 2010

Music Monday: The Blow

The Portland based band The Blow (2004 to 2007) was a stellar collaboration between singer/visual artist Khaela Maricich and electronic musician/multimedia artist Jona Bechtolt. Her amazing vocals sparsely combined with his incredible dance beats make a cool, pop-esque electronic dance sound!

I could not find any official videos (they were only around for a few years) made by them and no great live clips so here are a couple of the best youtube user created mash up videos.

Here is a great interview with Khaela from Sasquatch 2007 music festival talking about The Blow and where she is headed next and stuff. She is a pretty rad chick.

In 2007 Jona decided not to continue with The Blow in order to work on his solo and now duo project YACHT, which totally rocks as well. Since Khaela hasn't done anything new lately I'm goign to leave you with a stellar video and song from YACHT!

Thanks, enjoy! xoxo ashley

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