Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Waypoint Studio Tour

Ta-Da! Here it is! My fabulous studio space I share with a bunch of other artists in La Grande, OR. The building is split up into 4 different spaces, and the two largest spaces are used by the Waypoint studio collective! The space on the right side (there is a wall splitting the space after the two windows above the white door) used to have a kick-ass stage and super kick-ass bands would come and play for large parties! A few bands would also use the studio as a practice and recording spot! It was kick-ass! At the moment, with the two spaces combined there are 7 people including me making art here! So here's a sweet photo tour of the space, and my little craft shack within!

right by the train, aaaaaaand the transients

view from front door, ceramics, wood stove and kiln room

look to the left, and there's my space up top with the windows!

sexy bathroom, it's brutal in the winter! Brrrrr

There's random stuff everywhere!

kitchen and coffee!

wood shop anyone?

the stairs to the shack!

The top of my stairs looking out

Welcome to my Craft Shack!

this is probably the cleanest my studio has been since I moved it! :P

Hope you enjoyed the tour! xoxo Ashley

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  1. Thanks for the tour! Your space looks so awesome, I love that you share it with other artists, what an experience!! And bands?! SO COOL! Seriously, I would love to be able to do that, you are so very lucky :)