Monday, May 24, 2010

Music Monday: Camera Obscura

Do you like amazing, moody, chick singers with awesome bands? You will love Camera Obscura from Glasgow, Scotland!! (I kinda sounded like a sleezy salesman there... 'try it , you'll like it!' kinda thing...)  I only discovered them within the past 2 years and they have become a serious staple on my ipod! The lead singer Tracyanne Campbell has the most haunting, melodic moody voice I've ever heard and transports me to another world!

Here are some band facts for your little noggin:
~Camera Obscura from in 1996 in Glasgow, Scotland
~The band is:
  • Tracyanne Campbell – guitar, vocals
  • Carey Lander – piano, organ, vocals
  • Kenny McKeeve – guitar, mandolin, harmonica, vocals
  • Gavin Dunbar – bass
  • Lee Thomson – drums
  • Barry Brisacone- Triangle
  • Tim Cronin- Trumpet
~They have 4 albums the last of which was released in April 2009, and my favorite, called My Maudlin Career on record label 4AD
~Lots of gigs for summer '10 lined up

And here is my FAVORITE song from their latest album, no video unfortunatly but at leat you can listen to this amazing song!

Have a fabulous Monday! Thanks for stopping by! xoxo ashley

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