Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Crafty Craft Show Display Tutorial

Hey-O!! This is my no fail, super easy, super cheap craft show earring display! I've got 6 or 7 different sizes in my aresnal and love them! They are manageable to pack when going to a show and can be easily updated as your jewelry and displays change!

First get your hands on a old frame (that still has a back stand so you don't have to make one!) from a thrift store, the dollar store, your attic, a dumpster behind your apartment building... wherever! :) I found this frame at a thrift store and it came with a kick ass picture of a REO Speed Wagon! Score! :-P

Other supplies you'll need:
  •  Spray Paint (I like simple black but you do whatever your little hear desires! )
  • A backing for your frame, fabric, paper, etc (again, whatever you are going for)
  • Glue, I recommend using rubber cement or Elmers craft bond spray because you can pull off the backing if you decide to change later a lot easier
  • Craft wire
  • Tacks, simple or fancy, just try to make them flat and not big ole plastic clear ones that sick far out!
  • I recommend having a hammer and a few small nails around in case your frame is a really hard wood and you need to make starter holes for the tacks

So first take your frame apart and set aside the guts!

Take the frame out side and coat the sucker with some spray paint!
just don't drop your can on the ground where it can hit a rock and puncture and start spraying all over the place and have you jumping around like an idiot to get out of the way! 
(I never did that last summer by the way...)

Now while your frame is drying, 
glue the back frame stand to your paper or fabric you want inside the frame
now cut it out... :)

Ok, Now, I had some trouble taking pictures and doing this at the same time, but you need to push your thumbtacks in, on oppisite side, as level as you can. 
Then all you do is wind the craft wire between the two tacks!

Now place your guts back inside and voila! Earring display!

This is my big guy where I keep my $5.00 earrings all with kidney wires so they stay on and I can bring this and sell earrings at every music concert/festival I go to! (A serious money maker!)

Well, hope this inspired yours dreams of an amazing craft booth! 
Feel free to post to your own craft show display tutorials!! xoxo Ashley


  1. Great tutorial! I did a bow hairpin display a while ago similar to this with ribbon running vertically and tucked in the frame board instead of horizontal wire nailed on the outside.

  2. Thanks for this awesome tutorial! I'm planning on doing some fairs and shows this fall, can't wait to try this out!

  3. Thank you for sharing Ashley! great tut! Can't wait to make my own :)