Monday, June 7, 2010

Music Monday: Girl Talk

Girl Talk is 29 year old Gregg Michael Gillis and he creates brilliant mashup music from bands that span every genre. He has four albums (I only have 2 of them) and in theory, by making this music and selling his albums he is breaking the law, The New York Times has called his music "a lawsuit waiting to happen". Mashup is different then remixing in that remixing is typically done by the artist themselves and is more just of an alternate version of the song. Mashup is when someone takes two or more songs and blends them together, like taking the vocals on one song and the music from another and putting them together.

Here's a sampling of a Girl talk song (my favorite one btw) and a video mashup someone made to go along. Way cool. Watch (or listen) to the whole song, it's amazing how many different songs he uses to create the sound!

Last year in my town a few friends started the Eastern Oregon Film Fest and featured the movie RiP!: A Remix Manifesto which is a open source documentary about copy right laws and how it effect our lives on a daily basis. Girl Talk is heavily featured since his music is created from copyrighted music. It is a seriously eye opening movie and I really urge you to take and hour and twenty minutes and watch this movie. My only warning is that it may cause you to really hate the Disney company when you see how much that one company owns of our lives really and the limitations it puts on peoples creative visions.

Cool. Hope you like Girl Talk, play it at your next dance party and have a blast! woot woot! xoxo ash

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