Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gathering of the Vibes

Yes! My favorite festie and I'm like 90% positive I'll be attending this year!! Woot woot for the Gathering of the Vibes 2010!! If you are a free spirit and have never been to a big, ol' hippie music festival you must attend one! It's like three days of fantastic music and then for those three days you can douse yourself in glitter and wear wings and crowns and crazy outfits! Group matching outfits are always awesome too, like Space Mafia ala my trip to Phish Fetival8 or have everyone dress in neon green, things of that nature! Plus, and even if you don't like to dress up, it is possibly the best people watching around! I usually sell earrings or something crafty to try and make a little more spending money while I'm there but mostly concentrate of having a good time! yeeeeeeaaah!

ok, so this doesn't start getting real good until about 2:14ish. I don't know the people who filmed this but me and my friends still talk about this chick! She, I shit you not, kept this up for at least 24 hours. She loooved her Jim Beam!

Well, I guess I'll end it with Wavy. Yes, that is the real Wavy Gravy, he has been the MC for the Vibes since I've been going at least, some serious novelty for the old hippies in the crowd to enjoy! Oh Wavy! You so crazy!

Maybe I'll see you there! drop me a line! xoxo ash

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