Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tender Loving Empire Store!

The biggest news of my week is the news that Plucking Pendants will be in a kick ass store in Portland OR! Tender Loving Empire is a home grown record label and store that features local North West artists and musicians! I'm still building the order but it should be there soon! I live about 4 hours from Portland so it might be a while till I can go see my stuff there in person, but I already can't wait! Here is an awesome video of their store in Portland!

They also have a YouTube page where you can see videos of the bands that they have signed and fun stuff that goes on there! :) Here is a video of one of my favorite bands Finn Riggins!! So so rad. Lisa the guitarist and singer is like the most bad ass chick ever! She wails! They have some tour dates with Built to Spill this summer so you should check them out if they are in your area! =)

Woo-Hoo! Do you have your handmade items in cool stores?! Share your links and comments!
xoxo ash

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